Product 1

Autofocus, Waterproof Lenses

Edmund Optics® (EO) (Barrington, NJ) offers the TECHSPEC® LT Series and TECHSPEC® Cw Series fixed focal length lenses. TECHSPEC® LT Series fixed focal length lenses combine an integrated liquid lens for quick autofocus, high resolution for 12-megapixel sensors up to 1.1", and an easy-to-use interface requiring no mechanical adjustment. TECHSPEC® Cw Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses are waterproof versions of the TECHSPEC® C Series Lenses that eliminate the need for a protective cover over machine vision systems in harsh environments. They meet IEC Ingress Protection Codes IPX7 and IPX9K and can withstand exposure to water up to 1 meter deep for 30 seconds.

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Product 2

Lenses for 1.2" Sensors

Schneider-Kreuznach (Bad Kreuznach, Germany) introduced the new, robust Xenon-Jade lens family for 1.2" sensors. The five lenses with a speed of 2.8 and focal lengths of 12/16/25/35/50 mm are suitable for pixel sizes down to 2.4µm and are well-suited for use in combination with Sony's IMX253, 420/425 and 530/540 sensors. The lenses offer good imaging performance at open aperture with either visible or IR illumination. Due to precise and stable mechanics, the image position is maintained even in harsh industrial environments with high shock and vibration, making the Xenon-Jade lenses suitable for demanding inspection and measurement tasks in 3D / 2D metrology and robotic vision.

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Product 3

Rugged E-Paper Displays

Pervasive Displays (Tainan City, Taiwan) has introduced new Armor technology for E-paper displays (EPDs). The top surface of each Armor EPD module incorporates an optically bonded cover lens made from either polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) or tempered glass, along with a UV filtering layer. The proprietary protective sheet that Pervasive Displays also applies to the EPD makes modules more resistant to humidity, as well as safeguarding them from scratches. The thermal properties of this protective sheet and the accompanying edge sealant (with minimal expansion and contraction) means that cracking due to heat variations will not occur. A resin board is attached to the rear of the module, which alleviates the risk of deformation when the EPD experiences an external impact force.

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Product 4

Large Diameter Fiber Cleavers

AFL (Spartanburg, SC) introduced the Fujikura large diameter fiber cleaver family. The CT-104+ fiber cleaver features a manual clamping system that supports 80 to 600 µm cladding diameter. The CT-105+ fiber cleaver features an automatic clamping system for fiber with 80 to 1,250 µm cladding diameter. The CT-106+ fiber cleaver features an automatic clamping system for fiber with 80 to 1,250 µm cladding diameter and an angled cleaving function (up to 15° on fibers up to 800 µm). All LDF cleavers in this series consist of a color LCD that shows cleaving progress and recommended insert size depending on fiber coating and cladding diameter.

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Product 5

X-Ray Cameras

Detection Technology (Billerica, MA) has expanded its X-Scan T camera family with four new variants of the TDI-based (Time Delay Integration) product line. The new variants are available in lengths of 307 mm, 512 mm, 614 mm, and 820 mm. The X-Scan T product family provides high sensitivity with a low X-ray dose. Equipped with a built-in control unit, embedded TDI algorithm, and other data processing functions, the X-Scan T is a plug-and-play–type detector solution. The series comes with robust mechanics, reliable industrial connections, and bidirectional scanning operation. With the application-optimized readout electronics and pixel sizes, the series now features an improved scanning speed of 180 m/min that meets the requirements of the fastest target applications.

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