Product 1

Time-of-Flight Camera

LUCID Vision Labs, Inc. (Richmond, BC, Canada) recently announced its new Helios™2+ 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera offering two new on-camera depth processing modes: High Dynamic Range Mode (HDR) and High-Speed Mode. The HDR Mode combines multiple exposures in the phase domain to provide accurate depth information in high contrast, complex scenes, containing both high and low reflectivity objects. The High-Speed Mode enables depth perception using a single-phase measurement, allowing for faster acquisition speed and higher frame rates. Helios2+ integrates Sony’s DepthSense™ IMX556PLR back-illuminated ToF image sensor and uses four 850nm VCSEL laser diodes.

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Product 2

Novel Athermalized Reflective Beam Collimator

Optical Surfaces Ltd. (Surrey, UK) now offers a novel athermalized beam collimator design that is based on a uniquely modified off-axis mirror design incorporating INVAR elements and a novel mechanical feature which, when combined, allows direct 100% thermal compensation. This is achieved passively and adaptively responding in real time while thermal variations take place, maintaining high optical performance over a wide range of temperatures (+5°C to +35°C). Stability and performance are further assured using a zero expansion off-axis parabolic mirror, manufactured to better than lambda/10 p-v surface accuracy. The optics within the beam collimator, are secured using stress-free mounts and come pre-aligned.

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Product 3

eBeam Metrology System

Today’s leading-edge chip designs require a new class of metrology that goes beyond optical target-based approximation, statistical sampling and single-layer control. PROVision® 3E from Applied Materials (Santa Clara, CA) enables patterning control of today’s most advanced designs, including 3nm foundry-logic chips, gate-all-around transistors and next-generation DRAM and 3D NAND. Applied’s Elluminator® technology captures 95 percent of back-scattered electrons to quickly measure critical dimensions and edge placement at multiple levels simultaneously. Top speed is 10 million accurate, actionable measurements per hour. High-energy modes enable rapid measurement, hundreds of nanometers deep. Low-energy modes enable damage-free measurement of fragile materials and structures including EUV photoresist.

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Product 4

Infrared Beacon

Rock West Solutions (RWS) (Santa Barbara, CA) has launched a new product called the IR-1000, a high-performance infrared beacon. This product is designed to be used in operations for the identification of friend or foe (IFF), as well as tagging and tracking of personnel, vehicles, or equipment. Engineered for the demands of military and other law enforcement environments, the product is rugged, dependable, and easy to deploy in the field. It offers a wide cone of recognition for optimal IFF performance. The IR-1000 is compact for ease of handling, has an 8+ hour operational life on commercial batteries, and can be modified for specific mission requirements.

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Product 5

Large-format Holographic Touch™ Solutions

Holo Industries LLC (Cottage Grove, OR) has expanded its line of Holographic TouchTM solutions to include large-format, contactless holographic systems for machine, factory, and other rugged industrial applications. Larger available plate sizes measure 310mm (12.2” x 12.2”), 420mm (16.5 x 16.5”), and 630mm (24.8” x 24.8”). The increased sizes are made possible by glass holographic plates from ASKA3D, a division of Japanese technology firm Asukanet Co., Ltd. The precision glass plates are 5.6mm (0.22”) thick and consist of strategically positioned vertical mirrors, hundreds of microns wide and manufactured using ASKA3D’s patented process. The holographic plates, combined with sensors and Holo Industries’ proprietary software and hardware components, comprise Holographic Touch, a new technology that allows users to safely touch, pinch, scroll, or spin any image effortlessly in mid-air.

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