Product 1

Two-Axis Laser Scan Head

Aerotech Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) has released the AGV-XPO, a high-dynamic, two-axis laser scan head that combines low-inertia, high-efficiency motors with ultra-high resolution position feedback and optimized structural dynamics to deliver rapid acceleration profiles and part-profile tracking with minimal following error. The AGV-XPO is suitable for high-throughput applications that require superior dynamic precision, minimal following error and rapid move-and-settle performance, including display processing and manufacturing; high-speed drilling and cutting; electronics manufacturing; large-field and long focal length scanning; and femtosecond laser processing.

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Product 2

High-Def SWIR Camera

Attollo Engineering (Camarillo, CA) has introduced the new Phoenix HD5 SWIR Camera. The uncooled high-definition (HD) format (1280 x 1024 pixels) imager features the industry’s smallest shortwave infrared HD sensor and an ultra-small 5-µm pixel pitch, which permits more pixels on target with a short focal length optic. The camera captures snapshot SWIR imagery that provides high sensitivity from 1.0 µm to 1.65 µm and the on-board processing offers sharpening, user-defined convolution filters, region of interest (ROI), automatic gain control (AGC), and automatic exposure control (AEC).

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Product 3

SWIR Optical Filters

Chroma Technology (Bellows, VT) has introduced new SWIR filters for machine vision and remote sensing. The latest additions to the ContrastMax line of optical filters are engineered for automated vision applications from the visible to SWIR. Chroma’s ContrastMax filters cover a range of center wavelengths from 380 to 2800 nm and offer superior levels of contrast while blocking unwanted light. The new line of SWIR sputter-coated optical filters for remote sensing applications are designed to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio. These filters have precise center wavelengths, narrow transmission bands, exceptional flat-top transmission, and OD4 off-band blocking.

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Product 4

Long Exposure CMOS Cameras

Teledyne Photometrics (Tucson, AZ) announced the release of the Retiga E7—a long exposure optimized CMOS camera boasting low read noise and superior dark current control. The Retiga E7 is a 7 Megapixel CMOS camera with low read noise (2.2 electrons) and ultra-low dark current (0.02 electrons per second) that is comfortably able to detect weak signals while integrating over several minutes. The Retiga E7 is the next generation of long exposure camera, following the highly successful CCD-based Retiga R-series.

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Product 5

Multi-Core Optical Fibers

Armadillo SIA (Riga, Latvia) recently introduced Multi-Core Optical Fiber: Silica/Silica Concentric Core Fibers for laser power delivery applications. Silica/Silica Concentric Core Fibers feature multi kW power tolerance, non-circular core shape options, power density control, increased precision, a step-index profile, and special jackets that operate in high temperatures, high vacuum and harsh chemical environments. Jacketing options and temperature ranges for primary coatings are: hard clad/fluorinated acrylate (-40 to +80 °C), silicone (-40 to +150 °C), polyimide (-190 to +350 °C), acrylate (-40 to +85 °C), aluminum (-196 to +400 °C). A wide variety of secondary jackets are also available and include PFA Fluon® which operates between -200 and + 260 °C temperature range.

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