MicroStrain, Inc. (Williston, VT) introduces EH-Link™, a new hybrid energy harvesting wireless sensor node that collects energy from multiple sources including strain, vibration, thermal gradients, ambient light, and thermal and electromagnetic fields.

EH-Link™ features an on-board triaxial accelerometer, relative humidity sensor, temperature sensor, and signal conditioning for a Wheatstone bridge which is compatible with strain gauges, load cells, torque sensors, pressure transducers, and magnetic sensors, all in a miniature package.

EH-Link™ has two energy harvesting inputs and is compatible with piezoelectric, electro-dynamic, solar, RF field, and thermoelectric harvesters. The primary input can operate from AC or DC sources from 3 V to 20 V. The ultralow voltage (ULV) input can be powered from Peltier thermoelectric generators (TEGs), or thermopiles. The ULV input can operate from as low as 0.02 Vdc and up to 0.6 Vdc making the node operable from temperature differentials below 5 ˚C with TEGs. It can also operate in ambient light levels well below that required for solar cell use with traditional electronics.