Edmund Optics® (EO) (Barrington, NJ) has introduced new TECHSPEC® High Energy Laser Line Polarizers. These versatile polarizers are used to efficiently polarize high power lasers with greater than 98% transmission of P-Polarized light. TECHSPEC High Energy Laser Line Polarizers combine high laser damage thresholds (2J/cm2, 10 ns at 532nm) with high extinction ratios of 10,000:1 for optimal performance in a wide range of laser applications. The polarizers are designed with a 45° angle of incidence and provide greater than 98% P-polarization transmission efficiency. TECHSPEC High Energy Laser Line Polarizers are fabricated with a UV grade fused silica substrate for maximum performance. The polarizers are available for common laser wavelengths including 355nm, 532nm, 633nm and 1064nm.