Gigahertz-Optik’s X1-3 Light Hazard Meter with the XD-45-HUV UV-Hazard Detector, XD-45-HB BLUE-Light Hazard Detector and XD-45-HB-SRT200 FOV & Distance Adapter fulfills the requirements of ANSI/IESNA RP-27.2-00, IEC/DIN/EN 62471 (CIE S 009) & DIN EN 14255-1 for a handy field portable meter for product classification and light hazard assessment. Four channel technology with an alphanumeric four line backlit display allows the X1-3 to operate and read-out the two separate multi-sensor/filter detectors required to conform to IEC 62471 guidelines for both UV and Blue light hazard assessment. The XD-45-HUV UV-Hazard Detector covers the full ACGIH / ICNIRP UV spectral effectiveness function using two sensor/filter/diffuser combinations providing separate ACGIH UV-A (325 to 400 nm) and ACGIH UVC/B (250 to 325 nm) spectral responses for increased accuracy by reducing spectral mismatch errors.