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5Ws of the Ultra-Thin Memory Storage Device
Facility Focus: Argonne National Laboratory
Pros & Cons of Advanced Lightweighting Materials
Technological Advances, and How Structural Adhesives Support Manufacturing
SAE WCX Preview: Experience the Evolution
Products of Tomorrow: March 2018

Products of the Month

New on the Market: March 2018
New Products: March 2018 Photonics & Imaging Insider

Application Briefs

Mixing 3D Printing Technologies Helps Optimize Products
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Efficient Packaging Process for One-Piece Deployable Thin Membrane
Spring Plunger Locking Mechanism for Use in Hand-Actuated Tools
Flexible, Gravity-Fed Heat Pipe
Low-Cost Mechanical Device for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Gimbal for Steering Propelled CubeSats
Simplified Method for Uniformly Distributing Flow Within a Fluid Layer of a Multi-Layer Heat Exchanger


Green Approach for Toughening Thermosetting Reactive Resins
Acoustic Metamaterials Manipulate and Control Sound Waves
Gallium-Infused Liquid-Solid Composites
Shape Memory Alloy Art (SMA-Art) Shapes


Cell Processing Cartridge for Miniature Cytometer
Lifelike, 3D-Printed Organ Models with Integrated Sensors
Self-Powered, Paper-Based Devices for Medical Diagnostics

Electronics & Computers

System and Method for Identifying Electrical Properties of Integrated Circuits
Ultrafast Magnetic Reversal Method for Computer Memory
Flexible Silicon-on-Polymer Chip
Remote Detection of Electronic Devices
Memristors Enable Quick-Learning Neural Network
Magnetic Cooling of Nanoelectronic Chips
Flexible, Water-Repellent Graphene Circuits for Washable Electronics


NWRA AVOSS Wake Vortex Prediction Algorithm Version 3.1.1
Stretchable Mesh for Cavity Noise Reduction
Ground-Based Sensors Detect Aircraft Laser Strikes
Tech Exchange