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Circuit Protection Challenges for Battery Management Systems
Products of Tomorrow: April 2018
Sandia National Laboratories
5 Ws of the iQ Portable Scanner

Who's Who

Q&A: Dr. Abhaya Datye, Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Products of the Month

New on the Market: April 2018
Product of the Month: April 2018
Tech Briefs


Algorithms Analyze Images from Minimal Data
Detecting Unauthorized Device Access by Comparing Multiple Independent Spatial-Time Data Sets from Other Devices
Selective Access and Editing in a Database
Integrated Genomic and Proteomic Information Security Protocol

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Process Enables 3D Printing of Nanoscale Metal Structures
Method Reduces Glass Surface Reflections to Nearly Zero
Method Creates Wood Substance Stronger Than Titanium
Technique for Chemically Combining Soft Materials
3D Printer Test Station

Machinery & Automation

Autonomous Robotic Self-Righting
System and Method for Managing Autonomous Entities Through Apoptosis
Safe2Ditch Technology
Orangutank Robotic Pipe Traveler
Self-Learning Robot Hands Adapt to Grasp Objects
Robotic Gripper for Satellite Capture and Servicing
Method and Associated Apparatus for Capturing, Servicing, and De-Orbiting Earth Satellites Using Robotics
Controllable Dry Adhesive for Efficient Climbing Robot

Sensors/Data Acquisition

High-Speed, High-Resolution Multimode Sensing of Structural Strain and Shape
Noncontact Sensor Measures Density and Speed of Sound of a Liquid in a Pipeline or Vessel
Pressure Sensor Mechanism


Sound Inaudible to Humans Can Be Recorded by Microphones
Handheld Tracking and Communications Device
Cup Cylindrical Waveguide Antenna
Secure Optical Quantum Communications
Tech Exchange