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All-in-One Lab Device Gets New Instruments via Software Update
Products of Tomorrow: May 2018
5 Ws of Invisible Glass
The Less is More Approach to Robotic Cable Management
Understanding Smart Machines: How They Will Shape the Future
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
3D-Printed Lab on Wheels

Who's Who

Q&A: Dr. Yimei Zhu, Senior Physicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY

Products of the Month

New on the Market: May 2018
Product of the Month: May 2018
New Products: June 2018 Photonics & Imaging Insider
Product of the Month: June 2018

Application Briefs

Advanced Data Acquisition Technology Improves Global Weather Predictions
Tech Briefs


Polymer-Based 2D-to-3D Transformable Surfaces
Printing Ink Removes Oxygen in Sealed Packages
Novel Radiation Shielding Material for Dramatically Extending the Orbit Life of CubeSats
Piezomagnetic Material Changes Magnetic Properties When Stretched
Plastic Material Works as a Heat Conductor
New Methods in Preparing and Purifying Nanomaterials

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Freeform Channel Close-Out for High-Performance Heat Exchangers
Freeform Fabrication Using Electrically Conductive Filaments
Novel 3D Printing Method Embeds Sensing Capabilities Within Robotic Actuators
Anti-UV Technology Using Synthetic Biology
Technique Enables 3D Printing of Microstructures
3D Printing of Shape-Shifting Smart Gel

Test & Measurement

Large-Area Structural Damage Nondestructive Evaluation
Compact Science Experiment Module
Laser Technique Detects Toxic Agents in the Atmosphere
Correlation Spectrometer
Mobile Instrument Detects and Samples Aerosol Particles
A Fast, Non-Destructive Test for Two-Dimensional Materials
Surface-Field-Enhanced Detection of Deep UV Photons in Silicon Carbide Avalanche Photodetectors
Miniature Mass Spectrometer
Technique Measures Temperature of 2D Materials at the Atomic Level
Analysis of Molecules in Liquids on a Chip


Method for Transferring a Spacecraft from Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit to Lunar Orbit
Method for Reducing Broadband Noise
Flight Awareness Collaboration Tool (FACT)
Novel Turboelectric Aircraft Design
Reliable Geo-Limitation System for Unmanned Aircraft
Variable Bypass Turbofan Engine
Tech Exchange