An automated system of computer hardware and software has been developed for managing construction projects at Stennis Space Center. This system replaces an older collection of paper-based subsystems, wherein documents were copied, filed, and distributed in labor-intensive processes. Data collected in the older system were not readily accessible, cross-referencing of information in conjunction with changes was difficult, and there was no way of evaluating effects of changes on schedules. The present system includes a commercially available server and workstations running software constructed largely from commercially available office, data-base, graphical, and spreadsheet software. The system features several data bases with a user-friendly interface, which provides on-line help, plus "intelligent" forms for electronic reporting in standard formats. Drawings and specifications can be retrieved, and "redline" comments can be added. Change packages can be reviewed on-line from remote locations. The system provides security through control of access according to the user's authority to initiate, review, or determine the statuses of change packages and schedules.

This work was done by Catherine L. Farve of Lockheed Martin for Stennis Space Center. SSC-00061