NASA Langley Research Center has developed a double-sided Si(Ge)/ Sapphire/III-Nitride hybrid structure. This technology uses both sides of a sapphire wafer to build device structures — on one side, making either Si or SiGe devices and on the other side, making III-Nitride device structures (e.g. GaN, InGaN, AlGaN).

III-Nitride LED/LD structure on the front side and a Si/SiGe device layer on the back side.

This innovation builds upon several previous innovations by NASA Langley Research Center, all relating to making silicon germanium semiconductor device structures on sapphire wafers. III-Nitride devices are commonly made on sapphire substrates today for various commercial electronic and optoelectronic applications. Thus, this innovation relates directly to the combination of devices on opposite sides of the sapphire substrate. One possible device combination is to have LEDs one side and solar cells on the other, such as for displays.

NASA is actively seeking licensees to commercialize this technology. Please contact The Technology Gateway at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to initiate licensing discussions. Follow this link here  for more information.