Adaptive Modeling Language (AML), developed by TechnoSoft, Inc., is the underlying language of an object-oriented, multidisciplinary, knowledge-based engineering framework. TechnoSoft is a leading provider of object-oriented modeling and simulation technology used for commercial and defense applications. AML offers an advanced modeling paradigm with an open architecture, enabling the automation of the entire product development cycle, integrating product configuration, design, analysis, visualization, production planning, inspection, and cost estimation.

The AML framework is truly adaptive. Its successful history includes a wide variety of defense and commercial applications including aerospace, automotive, and capital equipment.

TechnoSoft has worked with the Vehicle Analysis Branch (VAB) at NASA LaRC on the development of the Collaborative Hypersonic Airbreathing Vehicle Environment (CoHAVE) built using AML. The collaborative enterprise environment of CoHAVE and its criteria management environment are applicable to the design of NASA, military, and private commercial vehicles.

CoHAVE is applicable to the Reusable Space Transportation System’s product area for evaluating the architectures of the Space Transportation Architecture Studies and Second Generation RLV Studies. Elements of this architecture include enhanced Shuttle, Reusable Two Stage to Orbit, and Venture Star (an SSTO design). Complementary to these delivery vehicles are Orbital Transfer Vehicles, Crew Transfer and Crew-Cargo Transfer Vehicles, and the Reusable First Stage Booster for Space Shuttle Upgrades. CoHAVE is platform independent and enables multiple users to collaborate across geographically-distributed, heterogeneous workstations. CoHAVE provides a comprehensive environment that facilitates the performance of concurrent engineering of hypersonic airbreathing vehicles at a level not currently available.

Recently, CoHAVE has been extended to incorporate models for other applications such as re-entry vehicles. Since the environment now includes vehicles other than traditional hypersonic airbreathing vehicles, the name has morphed into the Advanced Vehicle Integration and Synthesis Environment (AdVISE).

This work was done by Adel Chemaly of TechnoSoft, Inc. under a NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract monitored by Langley Research Center. For further information, contact:

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