The Wallops Flight Facility Launch Range has a need to interface data from ship surveillance Furuno radar to an existing surveillance display system (SureTrak). SureTrak is a multi-sensor waterway and air surveillance system. The display of Furuno radar data by the SureTrak system will be used for risk analysis purposes prior to rocket launches. The capability did not exist within the SureTrak system to ingest data from the Furuno radar. This software application was developed to provide the needed data interface capability within the SureTrak system. In addition to providing a data interface to SureTrak, the software application will also provide a data interface to another software application that performs probability of impact calculations on the ships reported by the Furuno radar.

The Furuno interface software was written in C/C++ using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 development environment. The software application was developed to run on the Windows operating system. The application interfaces to SureTrak using SureTrak’s Application Programming Interface (API). The Furuno interface software consists of multiple tasks/threads that perform various functions. The various functions performed by the software include acquiring the radar data from a ground terminal computer and interfacing track messages to the SureTrak system.

This work was done by Ted T. Daisey of Goddard Space Flight Center. GSC-16023-1