The JLAB Tracking Tool (JTRAK) is a Web-enabled database tool designed to automate the tracking of James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Integrated Ground Support System (IGSS) and Integrated Test Support System (ITSS) configured items. These configured items consist of IGSS and ITSS equipment and materials; hardware and software revisions including patch releases of the Science Instrument Development Units (SIDUs) and the Science Instrument Test Sets (SITS); ground lab COTS software license versions and maintenance schedules; and other miscellaneous documents.

It is accessed via a Web browser interface to the mysql database that indexes configured items on multiple servers as well as a local Document Directory containing items stored on the local server. The Web browser interface requires user authentication. All users must be validated by the HST Network and are assigned one of three levels of access: ADMIN (all access), POWER (read/write documents), or REGULAR [read-only non-ITAR (International Traffic and Arms Regulation) documents].

JTRAK capabilities include providing the master list of all items indexed as well as keyword-based queries allowing the user to search for specific items. A Document Directory allows for upload and download of documents stored locally on the JTRAK server. Searches with custom keywords specific to IGSS users allow for quick document retrieval. JWST LAB (JLAB) status for hardware, software, location, customer info, and associated documents is also tracked.

This work was done by Arlene Bigel of Goddard Space Flight Center. GSC-16806-1