This Python script will allow the user to read, analyze, and display National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor(MRMS) mosaic tile files containing mosaic radar reflectivities on a national 3D grid. Simple diagnostics and plotting, as well as computation of composite reflectivity, are available.

Most existing MRMS software either uses commercially licensed software or an old, non-object-oriented language such as C that lacks plotting capabilities. Online NOAA Web-based plotting tools are available, but they lack the ability to perform in-depth analysis or interface with older, archived data.

MMM-Py rapidly ingests, visualizes, and analyzes NOAA MRMS three-dimensional national radar mosaics. These mosaics, while extremely useful for scientific research, are distributed as separate tiles covering different regions of the United States. They also update and change format frequently. MMM-Py makes transparent to the end user much of the work of ingesting and stitching together many different mosaics into a common data model.

This work was done by Timothy Lang of Marshall Space Flight Center. This software is available for use. To request a copy, please visit .