VERVE is a 3D visualization system that provides situational awareness, science analysis tools, and data understanding capabilities for robotics researchers and exploration science operations. VERVE includes telemetry views that show remote system status, and can be extended to support various types of robots. VERVE is highly modular, extensible, and includes a 3D scenegraph database, interactive 3D viewer, and associated graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to OSGI (Java standards organization) plug-in based applications.

The plug-in interfaces allow new capabilities to be rapidly integrated, and distributed collaboration to be readily implemented. VERVE has been designed to easily integrate with heterogeneous robotics middleware such as CORBA and DDS. VERVE is capable of processing raw data from remote sensing instruments and representing it cartographically overlaid on the 3D terrain. VERVE also supports standard “neo-geography” data formats such as KML, and various 3D formats. VERVE can be used standalone, or as a plug-in for the NASA Ensemble framework.

VERVE can be downloaded at: .

This work was done by Terry Fong and Leslie Keely-Meindorfer of Ames Research Center; Mark Allan, Tamar Cohen, and Susan Lee of Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Inc.; and David Lees of Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley. NASA invites companies to inquire about partnering opportunities. Contact the Ames Technology Partnerships Office at 1-855-627-2249 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Refer to ARC-16457-1.