A report presents additional information on the topic of a microencapsulation electrostatic processing system. Information in the report includes micrographs of some microcapsules, a set of diagrams that schematically depict the steps of an encapsulation process, and brief descriptions of (1) alternative versions of the present encapsulation processes, (2) advantages of the present microencapsulation processes over prior microencapsulation processes, and (3) unique and advantageous features of microcapsules produced by the present processes.

This work was done by Dennis R. Morrison of Johnson Space Center and Benjamin Mosier of the Institute for Research, Inc. This invention has been patented by NASA (U.S. Patent No. 6,103,271). Inquiries concerning nonexclusive or exclusive license for its commercial development should be addressed to

the Patent Counsel
Johnson Space Center
(281) 483-0837.

Refer to MSC-22938.