Breakaway devices are used to mount objects to systems or structures (for example, cars, drones, helmets, buildings) and prevent damage when the objects fall away from the system. Unfortunately, even in ideal scenarios, many of these devices have limitations. Breakaway bolts and shear pins have the complication of breaking and becoming unusable thereafter. Reset-table mounting devices such as hook-and-loop fasteners, reusable adhesives, or rubber mounting devices do not provide proper stability in certain applications. Electromagnetic and electromechanical-based devices can be quite large and expensive, and require a power source.

A reusable breakaway mounting device was developed that can be customized according to the amount of force required to break away the mounted device. There are two versions of the device. One version uses a maximum-strength O-ring to prevent damage to the mounted device. The O-ring is mounted within a groove to provide stabilization while a tooth ring is tightened around the O-ring. The spacing of the teeth provides a way for the O-ring to compress and release itself when the threshold force is reached.

The second version uses a magnetic field between the breakaway plate and the mounting brackets. Using magnets allows a simple way to customize the minimum breaking force that preserves the mounted device. It also allows easy resetting of the mounting bracket to its base. Each version may further include a tether to prevent loss or further damage to a high-value object. Both versions take different environments into account, such as an angular mount or underwater situations, while still providing a simple and inexpensive solution.

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