A collection of three reports presents an expanded discussion of the topic of "Optical Diagnostics of High-Pressure Liquid Fuel Sprays" (LEW-16701),NASA Tech Briefs, Vol. 23, No. 3 (March 1999), page 18a. The reports describe experiments in which fuel sprays representative of those in liquid-fueled, high-pressure gas turbine combustors were analyzed by a combination of planar laser-induced fluorescence imaging, planar Mie scattering, and phase Doppler particle analysis. The earliest of the reports ("Fuel Injector Patternation Evaluation in Advanced Liquid-Fueled, High-Pressure, Gas Turbine Combustors, Using Nonintrusive Optical Diagnostic Techniques") was the subject of the noted prior article.

This work was done by Yolanda R. Hicks, Robert C. Anderson, and Michelle Zaller of Glenn Research Center and Randy J. Locke of Dynacs Engineering Co., Inc.

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