A series of scripts stitch together existing open-source Python modules for the purpose of displaying, cleaning, and measuring photometric properties within public Kepler data. The intent of these tools is to provide convenience to the Kepler science community, and to increase cost efficiency for the project. With 500+ users in the community, an open-source development provides the best resource for sharing tools, while minimizing cost and duplicated effort.

The open-source resources used are PyFITS for reading and writing public data in FITS standard format, Matplotlib for plotting public data, Numpy for handling numerical arrays, and Scipy for algebraic operations on public data. The purpose and method of each existing tool is documented currently on the Kepler Guest Observer Office development Web site at http://keplergo.arc.nasa.gov/PyKE.shtml .

This work was done by Martin Still and Thomas Barclay of the Bay Area Environmental Research Center for Ames Research Center.

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