The Enhanced Master Controller Unit Tester (EMUT) software is a tool for development and testing of software for a master controller (MC) flight computer. The primary function of the EMUT software is to simulate interfaces between the MC computer and external analog and digital circuitry (including other computers) in a rack of equipment to be used in scientific experiments. The simulations span the range of nominal, off-nominal, and erroneous operational conditions, enabling the testing of MC software before all the equipment becomes available.

The EMUT software comprises a Win32-based set of three programs that run on different computers and are linked by Common Object Request Broker (CORBA) Ethernet communications. The main program, denoted the EMUT 1553 Application, generates a graphical user interface and is responsible for all communications via several MIL-STD-1553B data buses and for logging of output data. The second program, denoted the Analog Application, implements mathematical models of equipment (e.g., sensors and valves) and analog signals generated by the equipment and is responsible for all analog-signal communications with the MC. The third program, denoted the EMUT Model Viewer, provides a graphical interface for viewing the statuses of the aforementioned models.

This program was written by Patricia Benson, Yvette Johnson, and Brian Johnson of Marshall Space Flight Center; Philip Williams of Dynamic Concepts, Inc.; Geoffrey Burton of Madison Research Corp.; and Anthony McCoy of ERC. For more information, download the Technical Support Package (free white paper) at under the Software category. MFS-32172-1