Release 3 of the Telescience Resource Kit (TReK) has become available. TReK 3 is a suite of application programs that can be used to monitor and control a payload aboard the International Space Station. TReK provides both local ground support system services and an interface to utilize remote services provided by the Payload Operations Integration Center.

TReK Release 3 performs all the functions of TReK Release 2, plus a command-management function embodied partly in addition to pre-existing TReK application programs and partly in a new remote-services application program. The command-management function enables management of a multi-platform command environment that includes geographically distributed computers. This function is intended to help teams that need to manage shared payloads. The environment can be configured such that one individual can manage all the command activities associated with that payload.

The command-management function enables setup of a TReK destination for commands, thereby enabling sending of commands from one TReK computer to another. The remote-services application program enables a TReK computer to configure itself to accept connections from remote TReK computers. It can also be used to configure security settings, create user accounts, and track remote connections.

This program was written by Michelle Schneider, Jeff Lippincott, Stephen Chubb, Bruce Donald, and Christopher Sims of Marshall Space Flight Center. For further information, contact Sammy Nabors, MSFC Commercialization Assistance Lead, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Refer to MFS-32633-1.