To reduce the cost of building specialized interfaces, missions can adopt Goddard Mission Services Evolution Center (GMSEC) technologies and applications. Assurances need to be made that application implementation should follow the GMSEC messaging standards. The GMSEC Interface Specification Document (ISD) sets forth definitions for all GMSEC message types.

The GMSEC architecture is based on a message-oriented middleware and a set of standard GMSEC messages to facilitate communication between sub-systems and components. GMSEC provides maximum taxability in the message structure and does not validate or enforce compliance at the time of message publication. To ensure quick and seamless integration of components (software applications), the Compliance Test Suite will validate messages published by an application in accordance with the GMSEC ISD.

The GMSEC Compliance Test Suite provides a message publisher and a message validator application to test compliance with the GMESC ISD. The message publisher is loaded with predefined messages that are displayable and selectable for publishing. The message validator will listen for (read) selected messages and validate each one against the corresponding XML schema. Results are collected and displayable during or after the tests. Detailed information, warnings, and errors are accessed with a double-click on any specific message. Thus, the user can validate a component’s published messages, and for any errant message, gain the necessary information to correct the non-compliant message.

This work was done by Vuong Ly of Goddard Space Flight Center and Kenneth Wilt of the West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation. GSC-16074-1