A computer program has been written to replace the original software of Racal Storeplex Delta tape recorders, which are used at Stennis Space Center. The original software could be activated by a command- line interface only; the present software offers the option of a command-line or graphical user interface. The present software also offers the option of batchfile operation (activation by a file that contains command lines for operations performed consecutively).

The present software is also more reliable than was the original software: The original software was plagued by several deficiencies that made it difficult to execute, modify, and test. In addition, when using the original software to extract data that had been recorded within specified intervals of time, the resolution with which one could control starting and stopping times was no finer than about a second (or, in some cases, several seconds). In contrast, the present software is capable of controlling playback times to within 1/100 second of times specified by the user, assuming that the tape-recorder clock is accurate to within 1/100 second.

This program was written by Chiu-Fu Cheng of Lockheed Martin Corp. for Stennis Space Center. For further information, contact the Stennis Commercial Technology Office at (228) 688-1929.