"Generic Spacecraft" is the name of an evolving library of software that provides for simulation of a generic spacecraft that can orbit the Earth and land on the Moon (and, eventually, on Mars). This library is incorporated into the Langley Standard Realtime Simulation in C++ (LaSRS++) software framework. The generic-spacecraft simulation serves as a test bed for modeling spacecraft dynamics, propulsion, control systems, guidance, and displays.

The Generic Spacecraft library supplements the LaSRS++ framework with an interface that facilitates the connection of new models into the LaSRS++ simulation by eliminating what would otherwise be the necessity of writing additional C++ classes to record data from the models and code to display values on graphical user interfaces (GUIs): The library includes routines for integrating new models into the LaSRS++ framework, identifying model inputs and outputs with full descriptions and units identified, recording data, and automatically generating graphical user interfaces (GUIs). The library is designed to be used in a manner similar to that of LaSRS++ software components for simulating vehicles other than the generic spacecraft. The user specifies (1) a spacecraft and individual models to be constructed and (2) connections between individual model inputs and outputs.

This program was written by Patrick S. Kenney of Langley Research Center and William Ragsdale and Jason R. Neuhaus of Unisys Corp.

Refer to LAR-17534