This technology provides means of estimating numerical errors in user-specified output functionals, such as lift or drag, for fluid flow simulations. The new method computes an improved estimate of the output (relative to the baseline simulation), an estimate of the remaining error in the output, as well as a cell-wise distribution of errors that can be used to guide an adaptive mesh refinement procedure.

The method relies on the solution of an adjoint equation, where the adjoint variables are used to weigh residuals of the flow solution. The method is specifically tailored to work with embedded boundary Cartesian meshes, and has been developed as a module of the Cart3D software package. This implementation provides an automated and efficient procedure for constructing meshes that minimizes discretization errors of Cart3D simulation outputs for steady-state flows.

It significantly reduces the dependence on user skill for accurate simulation results, and introduces formal error control in the simulation process.

This work was done by Michael Aftosmis of Ames Research Center, Marian Nemec of Eloret Corporation, and Marsha Berger of New York University. NASA is seeking partners to further develop this technology through joint cooperative research and development. For more information about this technology and to explore opportunities, please contact Antoinette McCoy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. ARC-16212-1