This software fits trajectory ephemerides and thrust profiles with a Chebyshev polynomial representation, and stores this fit in data files suitable for upload to a spacecraft. In addition, a number of utility modules are provided to assist with inspection and diagnosis of issues with data products. The software produces the various data products that are specific to onboard spacecraft navigation and control.

The CHEBY Toolkit comprises the following:

  • Libraries of linkable modules that implement the CHEBY Toolkit's core capabilities,

  • Interface adaptors that make the linkable modules available to Python scripts,

  • Standalone programs that can be run by a user from any UNIX shell,

  • Interpretable scripts that can be run by a user from any UNIX shell, and

  • Documentation for all of the above.

All programs except PyCheby are standalone, executable binary images. PyCheby is a self-contained Python module that provides a Python interface to the CHEBY Toolkit. Scripts run inside a Python interpreter and depend on PyCheby. Collectively, the standalone programs and the scripts are also known as “commands.”

This work was done by Richard M. Kelly, George M. Hockney, and William L. Taber of Caltech for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This software is available for license through the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and you may request a license here . NPO-49946