The Spaceflight Cognitive Assessment Tool for Windows (WinSCAT) is a computer program that administers a battery of five timed neuro-cognitive tests.WinSCAT was developed to give astronauts an objective and automated means of assessing their cognitive functioning during space flight, as compared with their own baseline performances measured during similar prior testing on the ground. WinSCAT is also intended for use by flight surgeons to assess cognitive impairment after exposure of astronauts to such cognitive assaults as head trauma, decompression sickness,and exposure to toxic gas. The tests were selected from among a group of tests, denoted the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics, that were created by the United States Navy and Army for use in evaluating the cognitive impairment of military personnel who have been subjected to medication or are suspected to have sustained brain injuries.These tests have been validated in a variety of clinical settings and are now in the public domain. The tests are presented in a Microsoft Windows shell that facilitates administration and enables immediate reporting of test scores in numerical and graphical forms.

This program was written by Christopher Flynn of Johnson Space Center and Steve Vander Ark, Daniel Eksuzian, Walter Sipes, Robert Kane, Rodney Vanderploeg, Paul Retzlaff, Tim Elsmore, and Jeffrey Moore of Wyle Laboratories. For further information, contact:

Wyle Laboratories
Life Sciences Division
1290 Hercules Dr.Suite 120
Houston, TX 77058
Telephone No.(281) 212-1200

Refer to MSC-23332.