The Joint Execute Package Development and Integration tool is a Web utility program that provides an integrated capability to generate and manage messages and “execute” package data for members of a space shuttle and the International Space Station (ISS). (An “execute” package consists of flight plans, short-term plans, procedure updates, data needed to operate the space-shuttle and ISS systems, in-flight maintenance procedures, inventory-stowage data, software upgrades, flight notes, scripts for publicized events, and other instructions.) This program is a third-generation “execute” package Web tool, built on experience gained from two programs used previously to support realtime operations.

This program provides integration and synchronization between the space-shuttle and ISS teams during joint operations. Hundreds of messages per week must be uplinked as “joint” messages; that is, messages for crew members of both spacecraft. The program includes configuration-management components that ensure that the same message goes to both crews and spacecraft, effectively eliminating the potential for error in manual direction of messages. The program also controls the format and layout of the crews’ Web pages, ensuring consistency between uplinks. If the crews’ Web pages were edited manually, hyperlink and formatting errors would be common.

This program was written by Greg Whitney of Johnson Space Center, David Melendrez of Barrios Technology, and Jason Hadlock of United Space Alliance. For more information, download the Technical Support Package (free white paper) at under the Software category. MSC-23601-1