The Intelligent Math Tutor (IMT) is a computer program for training students in pre-college and college-level mathe- matics courses, including fundamentals, intermediate algebra, college algebra, and trigonometry. The IMT can be executed on a server computer for access by students via the Internet; altern- atively, it can be executed on students’ computers equipped with compactdisk/ read-only-memory (CD-ROM) drives. The IMT provides interactive exercises, assessment, tracking, and an on-line graphing calculator with algebraic- manipulation capabilities. The IMT provides an innovative combination of content, delivery mechanism, and artificial intelligence. Careful organization and presentation of the content make it possible to provide intelligent feedback to the student based on performance on exercises and tests. The tracking and feedback mechanisms are implemented within the capabilities of a commercial off-the-shelf development software tool and are written in the Unified Modeling Language to maximize reuse and minimize development cost. The graphical calculator is a standard feature of most college and precollege algebra and trigonometry courses. Placing this functionality in a Java applet decreases the cost, provides greater capabilities, and provides an opportunity to integrate the calculator with the lessons.

This program was written by Robert O. Shelton of Johnson Space Center and Travis A. Moebes and Scot Van Alstine of Science Applications International Corp. For further information, contact the Johnson Commercial Technology Office at (281) 483-3809.