NASA’s John Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH, has chosen the Green Hills Platform for Software Defined Radio (SDR) — with Spectrum Signal’s flexComm™ SDR- 4000 communications platform — for the rapid design, development, and refinement of its next-generation Space Telecommunications System Architecture. The Green Hills SDR Platform includes the INTEGRITY® RTOS, a POSIX.1- conformant real-time operating system certified by the IEEE to the POSIX 1003.1 standard; a dual-mode IPv4 networking stack support; and waveform design and development tools.

ImageThe use of SDR technology provides NASA with the capability to support space- and ground-based communications operations while potentially reducing the cost of future missions. The cost reduction can be achieved through the reduction and consolidation of legacy radio equipment by supporting both current and future radio links from one radio platform. NASA is in the process of developing and refining its Space Telecommunications Radio System (STRS), with demonstrations planned later this year.

INTEGRITY® real-time operating system platform
for Software Defined Radio (SDR)
Green Hills Software
Santa Barbara, CA

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