Turbines, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of turbine flow metering technology, has assisted NASA with its Morpheus Lander project. Project Morpheus, a vertical testbed, demonstrates new autonomous landing and hazard detection technology, as well as “green propellant” propulsion systems.

The primary focus of the test bed is to establish an integrated propulsion and guidance, navigation, and control system that flies a lunar descent profile and exercises the Autonomous Landing and Hazard Avoidance Technology (ALHAT) safe landing sensors and closed-loop flight control.

Turbines, Inc. provided specialized cryogenic turbine meters — the TMC 0075-SAN, TMC 0150-SAN, and the TM C 0200-SAN — which were specifically engineered to include sanitary process connections. To monitor the Morpheus Lander’s engine performance and fuel intake, the meters were incorporated into NASA test stands. Turbines, Inc.’s cryogenic turbine meters operate at very low temperatures, making them suitable for the extreme condition s of NASA’s projects.

Cryogenic turbine meters
Turbines, Inc.
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