Presto Imaging Software
Woburn, MA

With every space shuttle mission, hundreds of individuals across NASA need to access extensive photographs, video footage, and other imaging assets in order to monitor launch results, review design decisions, and ensure mission safety. Additional video footage and still images shot on orbit enables NASA engineers to compare pre-flight and in-flight images in order to assess functionality and highlight areas that warrant further scrutiny. Until recently, only the Image Analysis Team (IAT) staff could view these baseline images, and sometimes with delays due to the complexity of accessing them.

After industry studies, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) decided to implement Presto imaging software to organize and provide agency-wide access to mission-critical video and imaging assets that are used by a wide audience to increase mission safety, review design decisions, and monitor launch results. KSC selected Presto because of its unique ability to manage a variety of formats including video.

To make the baseline images available outside of the IAT, NASA incorporated Presto software as the foundation of its Institutional Computerized Archiving System (ICAS). Presto opens the baseline images for use by the broader NASA community by organizing those images and by providing direct 24/7 Web-based access for all authorized users. The software can establish varying degrees of security for particular images, facilities, or people.

“We chose Presto because of its unique ability to archive, manage, and provide broad access to imaging assets,” said NASA Integration Lead Chuck Brown. “It’s an exciting use of advanced Web-based technology to improve the safety of shuttle missions.”

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