Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Wall System
Planar Systems
Beaverton, OR

A Clarity Matrix video wall system was installed at NASA’s Payload Operations Integration Center (POIC) at Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama to monitor and manage science being conducted on the International Space Station (ISS). The POIC has been operational since 2001 and, during that time, flight control and other center personnel have monitored and managed ISS mission progress using a mix of large-scale computer monitors and a complement of large-scale projection screens to view ISS activities and share information. In the newly renovated POIC, a video wall of 24 displays has been installed in front of and above the flight control positions. Operational since mid-2013, the video wall provides capabilities that enhance collaboration among the ground team and enable them to more efficiently help the ISS crew and researchers around the world to perform science on station.

NASA photo by Emmett Given
The wall can display a variety of content, including live video, still photography, graphics, and text such as photos of ISS experiments, scientific data acquisition, and other information such as power usage on the station at any particular time. The wall instantly allows this information to be shared among the full team, a capability that is significant considering more than 200 experiments are being conducted at any time. The video wall has allowed ground controllers and scientists to monitor and control experiments remotely during ISS crew sleeping hours, ensuring that critical experiments have the power, data recording, and transmission needed for uninterrupted operation.

An ultra-slim tiled bezel width of just 5.5 mm gives the POIC ground team a nearly 225-square-foot visual field that is nearly seamless. Each display operates at 800-nits brightness, full HD resolution, and 3500:1 contrast ratio. Also, every display can handle 16 million colors.

The display features 50,000-hour backlight life and redundancy/ auto-fail over in a number of key components. This ensures that the video wall will operate virtually uninterrupted so there is no disruption to monitoring, control, or ground-team involvement in ISS experiments.

Clarity Matrix was installed on a built-in EasyAxis™ mounting system, a six-way cam adjustment system that ensures that all displays can be aligned quickly and precisely. The mounting system has a tilt-out feature that enables any display to be tilted out and up so technicians can gain access to any other display needing service.

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