SGI InfiniteStorage Data Migration Facility
Sunnyvale, CA

NASA researchers produce vast amounts of scientific and engineering data in spacecraft design, climate change studies, aeronautics analysis, and research into the Earth’s atmosphere. To manage, store, and retrieve this information, NASA is deploying a data management solution from SGI. The solution is based on the SGI InfiniteStorage Data Migration Facility (DMF) and is currently being used at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing facility at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA.

ImageNASA will use the SGI InfiniteStorage DMF to move older data files to a tape archive, making the much faster disk space self-managing. The DMF solution will ultimately allow NASA to archive and manage 40 Petabytes of information — an amount equal to approximately 2,000 times the size of the entire print collection of the U.S. Library of Congress. NASA research projects can regularly generate multiple Terabytes of data.

As NASA’s archives grow, so does the challenge of managing and migrating the information to the appropriate storage system. In a typical data lifecycle, new data is accessed intensively, while aging data is needed less frequently and may remain dormant for long periods of time. With the SGI InfiniteStorage DMF, NASA can define the data migration policy necessary to keep high-priority information close at hand and lower-priority information migrated to tape archives for future reference.

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