Constellation Space Suit Station (CSSS)
Oceaneering International
Houston, TX

Oceaneering International has secured a contract from NASA to design and build the agency’s next-generation space suit, known as the Constellation Space Suit System (CSSS). During the initial contract term of six years, Oceaneering will design and build highly reliable, operationally efficient, and simple-to-maintain suits for use during launch, abort, and reentry of the new Orion spacecraft and for all contingency Extravehicular Activity (EVA). The contract includes options to provide ongoing operational and training support, and to design and build suits for use during lunar surface activities.

ImageThe CSSS is a key component of the EVA System for NASA’s Vision for Space Exploration, and will be used to sustain an American presence in low Earth orbit, help establish an outpost on the Moon, and lay the foundation to explore Mars and beyond. In collaboration with NASA, Oceaneering will lead a team that includes David Clark Company and its subsidiary, Air-Lock; United Space Alliance LLC; Harris Corporation; and Paragon Space Development Corp.

The team will be largely co-located, with program management, systems engineering, detailed design, production, testing, integration, and processing all provided in Oceaneering’s facilities. The pressure suit will be produced in Worcester, MA and Milford, CT; the avionics in Glendale, AZ; selected thermal and life support components in Tucson, AZ; and the communications system in Melbourne, FL. Crew evaluations and fitting, and final acceptance testing, will also be performed at Oceaneering’s facilities in Houston.

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