BioConnect® bag and tubing assemblies
Cole-Parmer Instrument
Vernon Hills, IL

BioConnect custom bag and tubing assemblies supplied the materials and services to catalyze the production of a prototype for the Intravenous Fluid Generation (IV Gen) technology demonstration on the International Space Station. Funded through NASA’s Human Research Program, a team from NASA’s Glenn Research Center (Cleveland, OH) and ZIN Technologies (Cleveland) seeks to produce medical-grade saline solution in a zero-gravity environment. If successful, the process solves the challenge of packing IV solution that expires during the shuttle cycle, and alleviates mass and volume storage constraints.

The process of converting potable water into purified water (via a custom purifier), combining it with sodium chloride, and sterilizing the resulting saline met with obstacles. To meet U.S. Pharmacopeia standards, all components of the assembly need to withstand gamma irradiation for sterilization. Additionally, mixing the solution sufficiently without gravity proves challenging.

In response, ZIN Technologies developed an “in-the-bag” agitation using a magnetic stir bar and remote motor. BioConnect provided a unique customized assembly. One bag was preloaded with sodium chloride and the magnetic stir bar. Pall Corporation  supplied the sterilizing filters. After assembly and packaging, BioConnect sterilized all parts to 10-6 SAL by gamma irradiation.

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