Data acquisition and distribution systems
G Systems
Richardson, TX
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G Systems has delivered a Data Acquisition System (DAS) for the Orion crew exploration vehicle test station at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, LA. Lockheed Martin, the prime contractor for Orion, awarded G Systems three contracts as part of a multi-phase delivery plan to design, integrate, and install an automated data acquisition and analysis test station for Orion. The test stations will provide critical data to ensure structural endurance and spacecraft safety.

altThe DAS will be used at the Orion Structural Test Facility (OSTF) to view, collect, store, analyze, and transfer data from more than 1,400 analog data channels. Primary data input will be from strain gauges applied to the Orion Crew Module, Service Module (SM), Launch Abort System Fairing Assembly (LASFA), and heat shield structures during ground testing. The DAS will collect stress data such as torque, strain, and pressure to simulate and measure the effects the Orion spacecraft will experience during takeoff, spaceflight, and re-entry.

The second test and measurement system, the Data Distribution System (DDS), includes hardware and custom software to collect, distribute, and analyze audio, video, and parametric data collected by the DAS. The DDS will be capable of receiving streaming, real-time test data from greater than 3,500 data channels. The DDS will also control a number of cameras and be able to record, display, and play back all acquired signals simultaneously on multiple client PCs via a network.

The third test system is a computerized pressure and vent system, which integrates with the DAS for pressure testing the Crew Module. This system is capable of pressurizing the cabin using either air or helium. The tool also includes an operator control terminal for setting and regulating pressure and monitoring temperature.

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