Visitors to the Create the Future Design Contest Web site were invited to vote on their favorite entries. Here are the top ten most popular entries, winners of a SpaceMouse Pro 3D mouse from 3Dconnexion.

Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies (ET3)™ Daryl Oster, ET3 Global Alliance

This global transportation system is silent, low-cost, fast, secure, safe, and environmentally friendly. It uses car-sized magnetically levitated capsules that carry 6 people or 800 pounds of cargo.


Benchtop Pomegranate De-seeder Uddhab Bharali, UKB Agrotech

A cylindrical container with a rotating disc uses centrifugal force to push the fruit towards the side walls. It de-seeds the fruit in a few seconds.


Making Fuel from Vehicular Emissions Jaideep Singh, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

The bioremediation-based, modified catalytic convertor uses algae, enabling it to produce liquid fuel from emissions.


Multi-Function Photocatalytic Solar Desalination Amin Taheri Najafabadi, Vancouver, Canada

Green hydrogen produced via artificial photosynthesis with zero storage and transportation costs can provide potable water in remote areas.


Adaptive Smart Home Technology Amit Badlani, Texas Instruments

The adaptive home tracks human behavior and responds according to the needs of the people living in the house.


Virtual Walking Stick for the Visually Impaired Jonathan and Maxwell Tolstedt, Brainstorm Consulting

The device features an integrated global satellite receiver and inertial measurement unit that allow the device to know its exact location.


Inoculation Monitoring Device Avantika, Birla Institute of Technology

This automated device helps people keep track of immunization schedules using a buzzer accompanied by audio assistance, as well as visual display.


Solar Boiler Electrical Generator and Heat Machine

See details on this technology on page 28.

Design and Development of a Multi Stage Contra Rotating Mini Axial Compressor Amit Mangtani, IIT Bombay

The compressor eliminates stators and decreases the compressor length and weight. It also provides more pressurization in reduced length.


Flying Safer Alaa Thabet, Ideal Standard International

This technology provides a range of parachutes to an aircraft to slow its motion through the atmosphere, reducing the collision force of the aircraft with the ground.