Michael Zach, Anirudha Sumant, and Jonathan Moritz
EChem Nanowires
Stevens Point, WI

“The international recognition of our NanoFab Lab … in a Box!™ educational kit will assist our non-profit organization in its mission to help students who would otherwise lack the opportunities. In addition, individuals or organizations looking to support individual kits, schools, districts, or regions are encouraged to contact our foundation. We want to help connect people who have already succeeded with their own discoveries and/or business with the most promising and innovative students.”
NanoFab Lab … In a Box!™ is a shoebox-sized kit that allows high school students to manufacture hi-tech patterned nanowires in the classroom. The educational kit provides a connection between the students’ curriculum and the emerging field of nanotechnology and nano manufacturing. Unlike traditional nanomanufacturing, this technology is a simple electroplating bath, power supply, and reusable Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Template (UDT) electrodes, designed to produce any pattern desired.

Normally, the types of patterned nano and microwires that this kit can produce requires millions of dollars to reproduce. This technique can be performed for under $1,000, and the kit includes everything but the water and the widely available, inexpensive specific chemicals needed. The goal of this kit is to engage students with cutting-edge science, and provide pathways for their future success and their contribution to society.

Both the potentiostat and the microscope connect to an included 10" Android tablet for uploading data, images, and videos through a secure Web portal. The Web site documents progress and gives feedback on how to improve the quality of wires.

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Honorable Mentions

Quikiks™ — The First Totally Hands-Free Supportive Footwear

Steven Kaufman,
Hands-Free, LLC,
New York, NY

There are 50 million people in the US with physical or cognitive challenges that greatly limit their ability to don their own footwear. Quikiks footwear allows the wearer to step easily into the shoes and in the same motion, effortlessly and securely lock their feet comfortably in place. Using a patented Step-in-Go™ Technology, Quikiks provide hands-free operation for people lacking the ability to use traditional shoe fasteners such as laces, buckles, straps, or snaps. The shoes will not slip off of the feet, and provide medically necessary heel and ankle support required for orthopedic footwear.

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Gatekeeper: A Bluetooth Low Energy Proximity Lock for Your Computer

Siddharth Potbhare,
CoolCAD Electronics LLC,
College Park, MD

The GateKeeper (GK-Chain) is a Bluetooth Smart proximity tag that can automatically lock and unlock a computer, and keep track of valuables. Instead of typing in a password every time, the GK-Chain unlocks a computer when you approach, and locks when you leave. For additional security, the GK-Chain can be set to require both the key and password. Using a free companion app, you can find your GK-Chain with a Bluetooth 4.0-enabled smartphone, allowing you to find lost keys, wallets, or even luggage at the airport. The GK-Chain tracks the location of the key using a proprietary signal strength algorithm, and locks/unlocks your computer based on where you are.

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