Electronic Fog, Frost, and Ice Prevention Technology


Don Skomsky
Integrity Engineering, Inc.
West Chester, PA

This electronic device prevents condensation, frost, and ice from forming on any surface. It predicts when fog, frost, and/or ice is about to form on a surface (windows, mirrors, lenses, visors, etc.), and prevents it from ever forming by eliminating the conditions that support it. It works equally well in hot or cold temperatures, in arid to extremely humid conditions, and even in the rain and under water. Applications for the device include windshields; ski, swimming, and safety goggles; HAZMAT, SCUBA, firefighter, and pilot masks; and motorcycle, racing, and astronaut helmet visors.

Since it is entirely electronic, the device requires no sprays, wipes, fans, or any other user intervention. Because it is predictive and not reactive, it requires an extremely small amount of energy. There are no moving parts and nothing to wear out. In a sports goggle application (trademarked Zoggles™), the device is built into the goggle itself, resulting in a goggle that is lightweight, sleek, and stylish. When activated by a touch of a switch, the Smart-System electronics maintains Zoggles in “sleep mode,” conserving energy until such time that fog, frost, or ice is about to form. Immediately, Zoggles awakens, performs its prevention task, and resumes sleeping, until needed again at a later time. All energy is supplied by small rechargeable NiMH batteries, which power Zoggles for at least 8 hours of extremely active use in very cold temperatures.

The device has been tested in numerous applications, the most rigorous being during the ascent of Mount Everest in 2006, with a summit of 29,029 feet. In specially prepared units, Zoggles protected the mountain climbers’ vision in the -35ºF, 60-MPH weather conditions without fogging, frosting, or icing.

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Honorable Mentions

Ten-Second Advance Deceleration Warning Device


Fritz Braunberger
Vision Works IP Corp.
Sequim, WA

StrobeWise™ provides an additional 1 to 10 seconds of warning time (over and above brake lights) to following vehicles, warning them of a slowing or stopping event. The system monitors vehicle speed 1,000 times per second and flashes a center-high-mounted amber strobe rearward upon deceleration detection. It continually flashes when the vehicle is stationary, mitigating stationary-vehicle rear-end collisions. The system mounts on the inside rear window or externally on rear-windowless trucks. It retrofits on nearly all vehicles made later than 1993.

Emergency Drop in Water Recovery Preparation Unit

Preparation Unit

Anna Epelbaum
Management Services Co.
Champaign, IL

This device functions from solar energy and/or portable fuels such as butane and propane. The unit may be transported to any emergency site where it then begins to process water once set up with any water source within 35 feet. The device loads water from rivers, ponds, lakes, streets, or sewers, and then filters the water. It uses advanced ozone bubbles and ultraviolet radiation, as well as activated carbon, to repatriate the water into drinkable form. The water is then distributed in RFID-coded one-gallon bottles. The empty bottle may be returned to the machine for re-filling and re-sealing an unlimited number of times.

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