FACET: Future Air Traffic Management Concepts Evaluation Tool

FACET flexible software helps air traffic control centers improve airline safety and efficiency. It includes programs and databases that implement models of weather, airspace, airports, navigation aids, aircraft performance, and aircraft trajectories.


Dynamic Weather Routes Tool

The Dynamic Weather Routes (DWR) ground-based aircraft flight automation system and tool can save significant amounts of time and fuel in challenging weather situations by continuously and automatically analyzing in-flight aircraft in en-route airspace to find corrections to preselected weather avoidance routes.



Cart3D allows users to perform automated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis on a complex geometry. The package includes utilities for geometry import, surface modeling and intersection, mesh generation, flow simulation, and post-processing of results. Geometry acquisition and mesh generation can usually be performed within a few minutes on most current desktop computers.



The AeroPod is a passive device that uses aerodynamic forces to stabilize an instrument package suspended from a kite or tethered blimp. It is a low-altitude custom remote sensing platform craft designed for agricultural and environmental research purposes, but can be used for remote sensing applications such as urban pattern mapping.


Synthetic Vision System for Aeronautical Applications

A synthetic 3D visualization flight display presents flight data information in an intuitive way using 3D computer graphic capabilities. The flight crew can preview and rehearse flight maneuvers in a realistic environment. The display also provides an unimpeded visualization of the surrounding environment in the case of inclement weather, enabling safer flying conditions.


Lunar Surface Manipulation System

The Lunar Surface Manipulation System (LSMS) is a lifting and precision positioning device that features hybrid functional characteristics of both crane-type lifting devices and robotic manipulators. The design permits several other operations using tools such as a bucket, pallet forks, grappling devices, and robotic arms for home framing, hazardous material cleanup, and firefighting.


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