Powder Handling Device for Analytical Instruments

This technology provides automated sample handling and movement of coarse-grained powder or other solid materials to enable analysis by a robotic or totally automated computer system. The powder is handled as a fluid, using mechanical vibrations in conjunction with a driving force, and requiring few or no moving parts.


Advanced Magnetostrictive Regulator and Valve

An advanced magnetostrictive (MS) regulator was developed by combining MS-based sensors with a MS-based valve. This approach provides both a regulator and a valve with rapid response times. The components are lightweight, compact, highly precise, and can operate over a wide range of temperatures and pressures. Applications include aircraft engines, automotive fuel systems, and biomedical devices such as implants and drug metering systems.


Handheld Hydrogen Flame Imager

This fire imaging system enables users to visually determine the existence, size, and location of a hydrogen fire flame. The visible light emitted by a hydrogen fire is so dim that the fire cannot be seen by the human eye. Used like binoculars, this instrument can view a hydrogen flame only 8" long from a distance of 50' in full sunlight.


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