For each of the eight issues of PTB, the editors chose a Product of the Month. That product exhibits exceptional technical merit and practical value for our readers. At the end of the year those eight products were placed on a ballot on the PTB Web site, and our readers chose the products they felt were the most significant new introductions to the photonics engineering community in 2011.

The 2011 PTB Products of the Year are:

Hexagon Metrology
(North Kingston, RI)

The manual Cognitens WLS400M and the automated Cognitens WLS400A white light measurement systems use digital stereo vision technology to generate 3D data. Customers can choose between a portable configuration and an automated system, which can be operated with all common industrial robots. CoreView version 5.0 software has been configured to achieve improved utilization of the operating system, memory management, and 3rd-party 64-bit software. The products include Blue Light LED technology, which enables a greater variety of surface finishes to be measured or reverse engineered.

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(Hanover, NH)

The HyIntensity™ Fiber Laser HFL015 cutting system includes a power source, cutting head, gas supply, operator interface consoles, motion controls, and software, all in one package. The single-emitter, diode-based design system operates on familiar Hypertherm control platforms, with pre-developed cutting processes that simplify table integration and operation. The power supply is smaller than CO2 laser systems, and the fiber laser delivery enables the beam to travel greater distances, allowing for installation on larger tables.

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Keyence Corp. of America
(Elmwood Park, NJ)

The BZ-9000 (BIOREVO) all-in-one fluorescence microscope performs fluorescence, bright field, and phase-contrast imaging on a variety of specimen holders, including slides, dishes, and well-plates. The BIOREVO switches among up to four different fluorescent channels, automatically adjusting the filter and exposure time. It incorporates a single 12-bit monochrome camera that can easily switch to color imaging. The BZ-9000 incorporates a Z-stack and image stitching function that allows users to stitch up to 1,200 images in XY directions. The BIOREVO also provides options for quantitative analysis, including standard two-dimensional measurements, cell counting, and brightness analysis. A Real-Time 3D Module generates a three-dimensional image of a fluorescent specimen.

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This article first appeared in the January, 2012 issue of NASA Tech Briefs Magazine.

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