ANSYS, Canonsburg, PA, has launched ANSYS® 14.0 engineering simulation technology software that includes ANSYS Workbench™, the framework for the suite. Updates include enhanced customized work flows, automatic parametric evaluations, and transparent sharing of common data between different applications. An assembly-meshing tool extracts fluid volume from CAD assemblies and automatically creates structured Cartesian meshes or unstructured tetrahedral meshes. Automated algorithms and weighting options provide users with additional control and correction capabilities to project data from one mesh to another. The software captures the interaction of multiple physics — structural, fluid dynamics, electromechanics, and systems interactions — with deep physics, and from within a single simulation system. A new ANSYS Fluent® co-simulation link with ANSYS Simplorer® allows engineers to analyze battery systems in Simplorer without neglecting nonlinear behavior of the fluid system.

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