Dewetron, Wakefield, RI, has introduced the DEWE2 series of data acquisition platforms with TRION plug-in modules. The modules combine the modularity of PXI with a larger front panel capable of containing 8RJ45 connectors for strain gage sensors, 6 or 8 IEPE sensor connectors, or 4 or 8 isolated high-voltage inputs on a single TRION module. The modules are inserted from the front of the DEWE2 chassis, and can be changed by the user in seconds. They plug in and out using the same locking/ejector mechanism made popular by the PXI standard. The SideHAND battery power technology can be added to the portable DEWE2 chassis. There are DEWE2 instruments offering from 4 to 18 TRION slots, with or without a built-in computer. The DEWE2-A4 is an all-in-one platform with 4 slots for any combination of TRION modules, and features an Intel i7 processor running Windows 7 OS, and a built-in display and keyboard. The TRION modules feature a separate 24-bit A/D converter on each channel. Strain gage, IEPE, current, low and high voltage, time code, and SYNC modules are available.

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