Meggitt Sensing Systems (San Juan Capistrano, CA) has announced that the Endevco® 35A miniature triaxial ISOTRON® piezoelectric accelerometer is supporting the high-precision shock and vibration testing of hard drives, electronic peripherals, engine rotor and stator blades, as well as their associated components. The shear mode Endevco® 35A provides a complete measurement package for the collection of IEPE acceleration data across three orthogonal axes. Its integral internal amplifier converts high-impedance accelerometer charge input into low-impedance voltage output. Output is transmitted through the same wires that supply required 4mA constant current power. Signal ground is connected to the outer case. The unit is delivered with pre-installed fine gauge (34 AWG) wires as output leads, all of which are easily field repairable. Also included is the four-conductor Endevco® 3027AM5-120 cable terminating in three BNC connectors.

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