The new CL-400 CO2 laser cutting system from Cincinnati Incorporated (Harrison, OH) uses the water-cooled, high-speed linear motor drives pioneered by Cincinnati, and the same powerful HMI touchscreen control and nesting software found on the company’s other CO2 and fiber laser cutting systems. Dual 5 × 10 ft. (1.5 × 3 m) pallets and an optional modular material handling system (MMHS) reduce beam-off time and further boost productivity. Designed for high throughput and all-around material versatility, the CL-400 delivers fast positioning speeds of 12,000 ipm and up to 1" processing range on mild steel.

The new laser cutting system features a low-maintenance 4000-watt resonator, while its fourth-generation linear motor drives deliver dynamic positioning accuracy of ±0.001" at high cutting speeds. The machine’s heavy .75" to 1.5" steel plate frame provides durability, stability and enhanced accuracy. The separate load frame is made of 1.5" plate steel to withstand repetitive loading and unloading without affecting the cutting process.

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