Pico Technology, Tyler, TX, has introduced the PicoScope 5000 Series flexible-resolution oscilloscopes that use reconfigurable ADC technology to offer a choice of resolutions from 8 to 16 bits in a single product. Multiple high-resolution ADCs can be applied to the input channels in different series and parallel combinations to boost either the sampling rate or the resolution. In series mode, the ADCs are interleaved to provide 1 GS/s at 8 bits. This mode can also provide 500 MS/s at 12 bits resolution. In parallel mode, multiple ADCs are sampled in phase on each channel to increase the resolution and dynamic performance. Resolution is increased to 14 bits at 125 MS/s per channel (70 dB SFDR). If only two channels are required, resolution can be increased to 15 bits, and in single-channel mode, all the ADCs are combined to give a 16-bit mode at 62.5 MS/s. The scopes have memory buffers of up to 512 MS to allow long captures at high sampling rates.

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