HBM, Marlborough, MA, has introduced the GEN3i portable data recorder, part of the Genesis High Speed line of data recorders. They are designed for laboratory, power test stands, and destructive material testing applications, as well as for generators, turbines, and engines. The recorder transfers data directly to the storage medium at speeds as high as 200 MB/s (one hundred million measured values per second). A user can employ 18 channels at 2 MS/s, producing 4 MB/s per channel. The 18 channels will produce 72 MB/s continuously until the 480- GB solid-state disk (SSD) is loaded. Users can select from 21 different data acquisition cards. The recorder can be equipped with isolated strain gauge or accelerometer signal conditioners, as well as ultra-high-speed cards offering sampling rates of 100 MS/s, or an isolated 1 kV data acquisition card with ±1000V direct inputs. It features up to 96 fully configurable input channels and an intuitive touchscreen that lets users access all data handling functions.

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